$ROVA is the World's First Real World Utility based crypto ecosystem

ROVA is not just a token

It is the entry to the

  • utility eco-system​
  • NFT Space
  • Crypto Revolution

ROVA is available on the exchanges for trading

We have made it through security Audit
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ROVA Crypto Ecosystem

All these are backed by ROVA

food application

Food Delivery Applicaton

A food delivery application that enables everyone to earn free ROVA tokens on every successful order.

Blog App & Website

Blog App & News Platform

A blog that will pay you ROVA Token by just reading and reacting to the articles.

NFT Marketplace

ROVA backed NFT Platform

You can sell and buy NFTs on our NFT platform which is entirely backed by ROVA Token.

Highly Secure Trading Platform

Highly Secure Trading Platform

A very highly secure trading platform that enables you to trade all digital assets.


The best of the best in crypto history will serve every kind in the crypto space.

ROVA Token Symbol on coin
polygon blockchain
Built on Polygon

ROVA token is built on Polygon blockchain which falls under the ERC-20 category.


ROVA token is decentralized and saves the data of every transaction on the secure blockchain.

Integrates with Metamask

You can store your ROVA tokens in your Meta Mask secure wallet.

Utility Based
Utility Based

We gave a thought to every aspect of the current trend and come up with utility based eco-system.

highly secure
Highly Secure

ROVA token is highly secured and built on the Polygon blockchain.

Token Allocations

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ROVA project Info
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ROVA-Token-Coin-Symbol 100x100



ROVA-Token-Coin-Symbol 100x100



ROVA-Token-Coin-Symbol 100x100



We are NFT friendly

ROVA token is the only way you can BUY and SELL your NFT art with. ROVA is going to take over all major NFT marketplaces to support and make the buying & selling of NFTs easy.

Think about an NFT creator creating the digital art and selling the art piece. There, every art buyer will think about it.

What is the benefit if I don’t want to resell or flip it?

The answer is the ROVA token. Every creator and every digital art buyer will get benefitted from the ROVA token.

It’s not ending here, it is leading everyone to our ROVA token backed NFT platform. This is going to be available soon in Q4.

It’s a call to every NFT artist to join hands with us and serve the digital art collectors/buyers and humanity.

NFT Friendly

Team behind the Project

Rosalind Panda


Kenneth Goodwin

Cheif Advisor

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How to BUY?

ROVA Tokens are best to buy or trade through the exchanges that are listed below. 

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Read our FAQ's

These faqs will answer every question and every thought you give about ROVA Eco-system.

ROVA token is an ERC-20 token built on the Polygon blockchain and is the source for the ROVA Eco-System. In the Eco-System we included a Food Application(Operated in the USA), Blog web app/Mobile App, ROVA backed NFT platform and A highly secure trading platform where you can trade all the digital assets.

ROVA token is decentralized and saves the data of every transaction on the secure blockchain. ROVA token is built on Polygon blockchain which falls under the ERC-20 category and is going to be backing the entire Eco-System. You can earn, sell, buy, and trade entirely from one stop shop solution.

ROVA token is a cryptocurrency that has been built to be a utility and serve humankind in the crypto, NFT spaces.

ROVA is for everybody who is working with cryptocurrency, NFT selling/buying, readers who read articles on the internet, and people who trade digital assets. We kept everyone in our thoughts and came up with the utility based Eco-System.

Think about an NFT creator creating digital art and selling the art piece. There, every art buyer will think about what is the utility? The answer is the ROVA token. Every creator and digital art buyer will get benefitted from the ROVA token.

ROVA becomes a utility based Eco-System with all the utilities like the Food application that rewards you with cryptocurrency, the Blog web app/Mobile App that gives free ROVA Token for every article you finish, the NFT marketplace that is backed with ROVA token, A highly secure Trading platform you can trade digital assets.

ROVA token is available on listed centralized & decentralized exchanges. You can find the ROVA token on those exchanges with the ticker “ROVA“. For more information follow our How to guide by clicking here >>

We have planned in a sophisticated way that the NFT marketplace will be launched with a lot of creators and buyers with the awareness of the ROVA token and ROVA Eco-System. It’ll be launching in Q4 successfully.

The food application is launching in Q1 mainly in the United States. We are introducing the part of  ROVA Eco-System in the United States and will open doors to the world very soon.

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ROVA is the world’s first real world utility based crypto EcoSystem that enables people to earn where they spend.

$ROVA token is the Future Digital Cash that will change the lives of humanity and serve mankind.

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