Our Roadmap
Website Launched

Our website developed and launched with a lot of effort and an insight into the future to serve the mankind.

Visit our website: https://www.rovatoken.com

Our First step
ROVA Token creation/Minting
Security Audit Finished and we are clear.

Our smart contract code is fully audited and secured. We are clear on our tech audit and good to mint tokens.

For more information about our security audit. Please check the link  Click Here >>

Build Community

We welcome all the investors, crypto enthusiasts, traders, buyers, NFT creators, NFT holders, Technology innovators, etc to our roject ecosystem and join our community to make this project successful.

List on Coinmarketplace
List on CoinGecko
A BIG leap towards success and serving the community
List on CEX, DEX, wallets

Listed $ROVA on Coinstore.com Exchange and trade will be available soon.

Marketing Campaigns
Food Application Intro

We'll update the community with our food application look and features. Tune in...!

Media and AMA

Take your chance to talk to us about our project and be ready for the release....

ROVA Token ICO phase I
List on Major Exchanges, swaps

Listed officially on Coinstore.com Exchange


Our team is working hard to give you the best experience
Blog web app & Mobile app Intro



ROVA Token ICO phase II
Huge Advertising Campaigns

We will advertise ROVA token to reach every corner of the world and every crypto invetor.

Work with NFT creators

We are going to work with NFT creators to support NFT space and the creators.

Work for ROVA backed NFT marketplace
Work for highly secure Trading platform
Launch NFT marketplace
Media and AMA about our platforms
Launch highly secure Trading Platform
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ROVA token is the Future Digital Cash that will change the lives of humanity and serve mankind.

ROVA is an Eco-Syetem that enables people to earn where they spend.

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